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Question by • Edatsu   LegalEducation

Where can i find materials to help me prepare for the Nigerian Law School

December 20, 2018-9:46 am

Many textbooks or printed materials are difficult to source and are not readily available. However, if they are available, they are by no means cheap. So, where can i get law school materials for a decent price.

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Question by • Mercy   Food ServiceHuman ResourcesManagement

Why is the farmine level in Nigeria Rising

December 5, 2018-11:27 am

The constant news of food shortage and famine is alarming in many West African countries, Nigeria a good case study. Why is this a trend?

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Question by • Edatsu   MedicineFood Service

Why is the practice of Mechanized Farming not Predominant in Nigeria.

December 2, 2018-1:11 pm

I understand that mechanized farming can be tasking for the poor and middle income earners, but why isn't mechanized farming practice a plausibility with the very rich.

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