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Doctrybe Blog allows users to create write ups on any particular topic and share them on the network. By creating contents, users are able to build an audience of dedicated readers that will share and follow their work. Blogging on this platform is free. In future, Doctrybe plans to give authors the ability to capitalize on their intellectual property through some payment medium. Such control, will be at the authors discretion.

Every blog post is written under a particular watch tag to help us sort each post to meet the interest selection of different users. Therefore, authors who want to capture a specific target audience should always make sure that the right subject / watch tag is selected.


A compendium is a compilation of blog post into a single title. This makes easy access to any title as opposed to a random distribution on the network. In future, we plan to make the platform flexible to allow users to remove or insert blogs into any existing compendium. These features are progressive and will be available as users continue to use this platform.

You can also select compendium watch tags. However, tags under compilation headings, are considered secondary and may not be as effective for targeting like primary watch tags used by single blog posts.


Ask questions on any particular topic. If you cannot find a particular watch tag that suits your questions, create one. (This feature will be available soon). To make Doctrybe interactive, we want users to engage on any particular topic with like minds that share a particular interest. (This is done easily be selecting same watch tags).


Users can ask questions as urgent, and it will be flagged red and alerted to all users who share a similar interest tag that the question bears. To make Doctrybe better, we urge users to resist the misuse of the urgency flag except in special circumstance where the questions depends on it. The Admin reserves the exclusive right to bar using from abusing the urgency flag.


Users can ask questions anonymously to hide their identity for any particular reason they consider necessary. Although, this should not be used as guise to ask frivolous questions, promote hate or incite violence in any manner. The Admin reserves the exclusive right to remove any such questions that do not meet the desired use for this application.


Asked questions can be upvoted. This means that other users consider them as useful or helpful.


Asked questions may be downvoted. This means that users consider them as harmful or undesirable.

Reported questions:

Users reserve the right to report any question which they consider as harmful or unhelpful or which do not meet certain requirements of this application. The choice to report directly to the admin, or to the user, is an exclusive reserve for the party who is initiating the action. Reporting questions to other users to help them amend their question, is considered a best practice than downvoting a question for simple reasons. This helps to make the application helpful and useful, and encourages others to come forward with their questions.


Users can follow the question of other users when they are interest in the answers generated from this question. A user who follows a particular question will be notified for answers with respect to that particular question


All answers to questions are found under each question. Users can choose to upvote answers that are helpful, or downvote answers that they consider unhelpful. When downvoting, users are expected to give constructive criticism of their actions. To give constructive reasons why they think an answer is wrong and should not be considered.

Above the answers, are the upvote and downvote arrows indicating how an answer is performing. Answers that have been downvoted a certain number of times, will be identified as a bad answer, and will be highlighted with a sad emoticon to discourage its consideration.

The best answer is not dependent on the most upvoted answer, but on the answer that the user asking the question consideres, best answers to his question. Each answer should be treated with its own merits.

Watch Tags

All questions and blog posts on Doctrybe use watch tags or interest labels (They mean the same thing). This helps users to sort or filter contents based on user interest as opposed to trotting around different subject categories. Depending on how this watch tags are chosen in the user preferences, users can customize the type of questions, blogs or compendiums that they see.


This is a list of all questions asked by users on the platfrom. Because of they way Doctrybe is organized, this is the only way that a user can make reference or edit any question asked by him on the platform.

Doctrybe refrains from showing users their questions that they have asked. The reason for this, is to allow users to focus on helping others to answer their questions while others do the same for them. So, it's common for users to not see their questions except they check for it in their archive.

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